Mission Statement
To Make our Central Information Command Centre (CICC); 0-800-RHINOS, fit hand in glove with the SAN Parks planned Central Operational Command Centre, (COCC).

To be a vehicle for smooth and efficient communication from province to province and organisation to organisation in the fight against poaching country wide.

To facilitate a focused drive to attract information from everyone in the country and cities, wherever poaching operatives are to be found, be they in the KNP or Cyrildene.

0-800-RHINOS number has been established as a truly toll free number, with the aim of making it accessible to every South African, whether they are calling from a Telkom land line or from a cell phone of any of the service providers, regardless of air time credit. It is a toll free number in the true sense of the word.

The CSIR is responsible for the formation of an integrated system where by intel from the public is channelled quickly to reaction teams, whether in SAN Parks, Private Reserves or Provincial Parks. The CSIR has indicated that
0-800-RHINOS are the chosen portal regarding poaching for all intel coming into the system which they are overseeing.

0-800-RHINOS is the chosen portal regarding poaching on the marine and fisheries front the Government of the Western Cape and the City of Cape Town environmental departments have elected to use this same portal for incoming information regarding coastal and fisheries poaching.

What will enable our
0-800-RHINOS free service to be unique is that we are in a position to operate country wide: one number whether the incident being reported is a fisheries related one, off the coast of the Eastern Cape, a poacher in Northern KZN, or KNP or on a farm outside Mafeking.  0-800-RHINOS is equally aroused whether it be a rhino poacher or someone digging up cycads

0-800-RHINOS is able to have a translator, for any language, from Somali to Hindi or Shangaan, on the line within 24 seconds according to the people from RealConnect who have developed the system.

0-800-RHINOS is the channel to report abuses and theft of all threatened species: flora and fauna.

0-800-RHINOS is set to become the most universally known number in South Africa by the end of the year.

0-800-RHINOS is determined to reduce the incidence of rhinos poached per year to 50, and then reduce that even further.